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I have been visiting Joan for the last two years. She is warm, welcoming and very caring, doing what she can to help individuals get the most from their sessions. The setting is calming and relaxing, and I always leave floating on a cloud, I find reflexology to be a huge stress reliever.

I went to Joan having never had reflexology before, and was rather cynical in what she could do for me. My main goal was to become pregnant after trying for almost three years. I was already seeing NHS doctors and no cause had been found as to why I hadn't fallen pregnant before. A few sessions with Joan and I had my first positive test, I just couldn't believe it.

Me and my husband have had a difficult fertility journey, having sadly suffered multiple miscarriages. But we were keen to do all that we could to avoid IVF or IUI due to no physical problems being identified, and now being able to fall naturally since starting reflexology. During my time with Joan she recommended a number of things having done her own research, and suggested I visit a particular doctor in Epsom she had read about. After a while I decided to see this doctor and was surprised that most of what he was telling us was exactly what Joan had been telling us as a couple for months.

Joan had mentioned that male fertility, especially sperm quality was an important factor to our issues. The doctor said exactly the same, my husband gave up smoking immediately, started taking vitamin supplements, and began going to reflexology on a seeking basis to improve our chances.

Joan had said of me that I should discuss with a doctor the possibility of steroids and progesterone helping me in future pregnancies. After a blood test by the doctor he identified I had high NK cells, which is to do with my bodies immune system. He stated that would have contributed to my previous miscarriages and could be treated with steroids and progesterone. Everything Joan had said was true.

2018 is a new year and a new start for me and my husband. We continue to see Joan alongside our new fertility programme, and it all seems far more hopeful then ever before, and all due to Joan's input. I can't thank her enough, she has gone by far over and beyond.

I can't recommend Joan enough, and hope that other couples in similar situations of undiagnosed fertility issues will explore this route of using reflexology to help their situation. If nothing else, it can be great for relieving stress in a time that is deeply distressing.

My wife had been seeing Joan for over a year, and she had been asking me to go along to reflexology for a while. I had never heard of it before, and as a bloke thought it was daft, and thought my friends would just laugh at me. But I went along, my wife and I have been trying for a child for years and I knew it was important to for me to at least try reflexology.

I found it odd that Joan could identify things on my feet about the rest of my body, for example digestive problems, but thought my wife must have just told Joan these things. As time went on I started to enjoy the sessions and Joan was willing to talk about our fertility issues, and offer support and advice.

Since seeing Joan I have now stopped smoking, cut down my alcohol intake, and taken steps to improve my diet. I even tell my friends when I'm going and find that they are more interested in what reflexology is all about, rather than them laughing at me about going.

I’m not going to lie, my first ever visit to Joan was a desperate attempt to find some relief from an illness and symptoms which had taken over my body. To say I was cynical is an

understatement, but that was because no doctors could give me answers or help me and everything I had tried before made no difference.

Nearly 3 years ago I was a victim of medical negligence at the hands of the NHS, I contracted sepsis from a routine operation, which went unnoticed and untreated and nearly died. I underwent 3 major operations in 3 weeks and was left with a large open wound which needed daily packing and dressing. As a result I suffered countless more infections and have been left with what has now been diagnosed as chronic and irreversible muscular and nerve damage, which has completely changed my life, I am unable to work, or simple stand or walk for more than a few minutes, and I am always in great pain. At first I was told all the pain and symptoms were in my head and I was pushed from doctor to doctor, none of whom were willing to help me. This is when Joan was recommended to me by a friend of my mothers. At the time I literally had nothing to lose by trying reflexology so I went. On my first visit I arrived as a broken woman, physically, mentally and spiritually. Joan could sense this from the second I walked in her door. I told her briefly about why I had come to her, and she set to work. She was able to find things wrong with me which I had never mentioned, and she went in to more detail about what was wrong and what needed fixing.

I started going weekly for several months and Joan managed to ‘reset’ many things which were wrong with my body. My bowel which hadn’t worked since the operations started working again, as if nothing was wrong. I found myself having more energy and was no longer confined to my bed as before. Whilst I am not cured and never will be the improvement I’ve had since starting reflexologist with Joan inimmeasurable. Joan gave me suggestions of things to discuss with my GP which lead on to me a consultant who is helping gain further treatment such as hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and cognitive therapy.

Most importantly, I can hand on heart say I wouldn’t be here today without Joan. To me my life was over, but reflexology has helped me gain back part of me again, especially in  one particular way. Last year I got married. I managed to walk down the aisle and spend a day celebrating with friends and family (including Joan and her husband) which before reflexology was something my now husband and I could only dream of because we knew in reality it wasn’t something my body would be able to manage, and we have Joan to thank for making possible. 2 years later I am now honoured and grateful to call Jo an and friend, and look forward  to continuing in my treatments; there simply aren’t enough words to say how thankful I am

for everything she has done for me.

I never know where to start with this type of message so I hope this information will be helpful, and if your undecided help to make your mind up.

we started to see Joan about 18 months ago after our first unsuccessful try with IVF.  During the first year we looked at which supplements would help to put my body in the best state for conception. We then started on a course of weekly treatments which are designed to follow your natural cycle and help to regulate my periods. After a couple of months I went from an irregular period patten of anything from 28-36 days to a regular 32 day cycle. Furthermore in January 2017 we actually conceived naturally but unfortunately we lost the pregnancy at 9 weeks. To our amazement we had a further 2 positive pregnancies over the next 3 months but they did not go past a few weeks. It was at this point I got my appointment through to see Dr shehata who is a foremost in fertility expert. After a vast amount of blood tests I was found to have NK killer cells and have been on a course of steroids to help. I have continued to see Joan every week and have found her help, support and advice invaluable.

I think it might be worth giving you a little history about myself. I was never a believer in holistic medicine of any kind. My husband however was, and over the years had reflexology and swore by it. It was his insistence to try an alternative treatment to conceive rather than the invasive and not very pleasant IVF. I am now a changed woman and look forward to my weekly reflexology treatments. The fact i was able to conceive naturally for the first time at 40 years old speaks volumes.

If you would like to chat to me about my treatments or know more about my experiences please ask Joan and she will arrange this for you.

Good luck and enjoy

When I came across Joan’s website, I had been through the hardest 5 years of my life. I had been desperate to start a family but unfortunately after years of trying it hadn’t happened. The next few years were filled with doctors appointments and eventually I started the toughest journey of all, IVF. I wasn’t prepared for the emotional as well as physical strain it would put on me and my husband.

So after 4 failed rounds of IVF I was at rock bottom, I had lost all faith I would ever be a mum. Everyone around me were having children and I felt so sad and disillusioned with life. I needed to relax and I thought reflexology would help. So when I saw Joan’s website where she specialised with the fertility aspect, I thought it would be ideal.

On meeting Joan she instantly saw how IVF had affected me. Rather than just offer reflexology, Joan started at the beginning looking at nutrition that could get my body ready for IVF. Most importantly Joan helped me get rid of the negative emotions that had built up after so many failed IVF rounds. With regular treatments, Joan helped me get back the faith that the next round could work. I found the hour session with Joan a piece of escapism during the difficult times.

I am now so happy to say I am the mother to a beautiful baby girl, and I truly believe that I couldn’t have succeeded without Joan’s help. She was with me at every point of the IVF journey and has become a good friend.

Happy to speak to anyone and verify this is a genuine testimony if it helps someone in my position who is unsure about this type of treatment

Joan is an amazing person. After almost two years of trying to get pregnant with the doctors saying I do not have any problem, I was very sad and disappointed with the help from the doctors. I found Joan and her rainbow fertility programme. I start the programme and after 3 months I was pregnant. Now I'm 4 months pregnant and happier than ever. She helps me every step of the way. She makes my dream come true. Now I do reiki and I'm loving too.


I had my first reflexology session last night, and I felt the benefits immediately. 
Joan is very friendly and welcoming and has a lovely relaxing clinic. 
I will definitely be going back, and I highly recommend this, it’s really helped me with neck and back problems that I’ve struggled with for years.