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Treatment Pricing

Aromatherapy £60.00

Using a blend of essential oils, unique to you. Only a qualified Aromatherapist is insured to blend essential oils. Careful selection of oils, personalised to your wellbeing concerns, can have a deeper therapeutic effect than blended oils lots of massage therapists’ use.

Allow 1½ hours for this treatment

Reflexology £40.00

No ordinary treatment, specific essential oils to enhance your wellbeing concerns.  As a Reiki Master I hold space for you to receive gentle Reiki healing at the same time. Giving that extra balance to your body with Reiki and essential oils to enhance the reflexology treatment

Allow 1½ hours for your first treatment for completion of questionnaire. Subsequent treatments 1 hour

Reproductive Reflexology £50.00

(See separate section for full details and preferred treatment plan) single sessions not recommended; please take the opportunity of a 30 minute ‘Discovery Call’ with me to understand why.

Kinesiology – consultation/first treatment £65.00

Bring with you any vitamins etc., you are taking so that we can muscle test the energy with your body’s energy system. Following discussion, a treatment plan is provided depending on your wellbeing concerns and an energy balance completed

Allow 1½ hours for your first treatment for completion of questionnaire.

Kinesiology – follow-up treatments  £55.00

Reiki £30.00

Pure relaxation, candles, music, essential oils burning. Allow me to hold the space for you to spend some time with yourself.  Clients who have never had Reiki are often surprised at the experience of such deep relaxation from just being on a therapy couch for an hour!

Indian Head Massage £35.00 

Traditionally performed and taught in the Asian community, handed down from generation to generation, we have now learnt of its wonderful nurturing, healing effects. Sometimes oils are used for treatment but it is not necessary and can feel messy if in a clinic environment. It’s really good for head and neck tension and providing a boost of energy, drawing this from the earth, leaving you feeling relaxed and energised from your hour long treatment

Combination Treatment £65.00

Recommended combinations:

  • Aromatherapy back massage/Reflexology

  • Aromatherapy back massage/Reiki

  • Aromatherapy back massage/Kinesiology

  • Aromatherapy back massage/Indian Head Massage

21st Century Wellbeing

Nutrition Scan £30.00

Quickly check to see if your body is handling nutrition effectively and how to improve it.

Full Body Scan £100.00

The scan is in depth covering numerous body organs and whilst this is taking place you can sit comfortably on a chair with the head-phones on.

The scan provides options where the human body field could do with some improvement and the system provides corrections to the HBF there and then.

You are also offered other options to continue to improve you wellbeing in between scans.

Repeat Scan £75.00

*Recommended every two weeks if the body’s energy system is severely compromised.

Wellbeing Starter Package £175


  • Nutrition Scan

  • Full Body Scan

  • Repeat Scan

a saving of £30.00

It is generally a good idea to have a course of treatments to gain optimal benefit from any complementary therapy.

If you want to book a course of treatments please call me as I will always offer an incentive

Don’t forget gift vouchers make a wonderful present and the person can tailor the voucher from any of the treatments I provide. As an additional incentive you will receive 10% off your next treatment as a ‘thank you’.

I accept payments by :

  • Credit card

  • BACS transfer

  • Cheque

  • Cash